I Became a Grandpa

It is official! I am a grandpa to a beautiful baby girl named Zella Rose. I am feeling blessed. God is so good. She is healthy and beautiful. I could just hold her and adore her forever.

Life moves so quickly. The years go by so fast it is easy to get caught up in the torrent of activity and miss the things that matter most. I am in a season where parents are aging and their health is failing. A father-in-law in the final stages of dimentia, and my father battling Parkinson's disease. I know neither of them saw these giants coming for them. They were blindsided with these battles they are fighting, now.

As I look at them I see how much I take for granted everyday as I jump back into the rat race to earn another buck and pay more bills. Things only give us temporary happiness. Money can buy a lot of things, but it can't buy back time lost. Relationships are what I need to be investing in. Relstionships with my wife, my children, my grandchildren and friends. If we get to the end of this life and have a bank full of money, but we have missed out on the relationships, we will come to the end in a lonely miserable way.

I want to be sure to invest in my relationships. I want my grandaughter to know how much her Pappy loves her. I want her to see Jesus in her Pappy and know that His love is the greatest and completely unconditional. I want my wife, my children, my parents, my siblings, my friends to know how much I love them. Life is so much better when we live it together.

Zella Rose you are already a positive influence in this world. You are changing my life and my perspective. Your Pappy loves you and can't hardly wait to see what is ahead for us!